Warning: Do Not Run on Blisters!

Got Blisters

Just over a week ago I ran the Blackmore Vale Half Marathon. I did so wearing a pair of very cheap compression socks by More Mile, which, by mile 1 had slipped down my calfs and by mile 7 had created some terrible blisters. Not one to ever give up on a race, I carried on the the end with gritted teeth and was pleased I did, I beat my half marathon PB by over four minutes, but to the detriment of my feet which were now covered in blisters from the loose and rubbing socks.

Kept Running with Blisters

Three days later, blisters not feeling too bad (but still visible) I ended up having to walk a long way in my work shoes across London due to the tube strikes (followed by a quick run around the capital). Blisters reappeared – ouch.

Another three days later on Saturday I thought, “screw this, I need to go for a run!” and off I went for what I thought was going to be a quick 8k… Well I can tell you, I have never stopped on any run, training or race but after 6k and still 2k from home I had to stop running. My feet hurt too much!

The moral of the story?

Never run with blisters, you’ll stop them healing and will put yourself out of action for longer. Also – spend a bit extra on decent running socks! I now have my next race, the Lytchett 10 mile coming up this Sunday, I can’t run and I still have blisters : (

So yesterday I went swimming instead… read about that here

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