Training: Yawnsome Pounding of Pavements

I didn’t write about Monday night’s training yesterday as it would have been difficult to insert an ounce of interest! After an 11 miler on Sunday, Monday’s evening run was a 30 minute easy run.

Last night’s was my own, quickly designed speed session. I found a flat road in the village, one of the the few with street lights and after a 20 min warm up proceeded to run 16x 350 metres at about 80% effort. To be precise, each 350m length took on average 1min 5secs.

I prefer to measure my training by perceived effort though, so I basically ran each length as fast as I could sustain for 16 lengths. Why 350 metres? Because that’s how long the longest flat road in my village is!

There is of course the awkward, 1 minutes rest period between repeats. Standing on the corner of the residential road, not a sound but my laboured breathing, it’s hard not to scare the elderly dog walkers, but I tried my best to put the at ease by looking at my watch in a dramatic way whilst jogging on the spot!

Both Monday and Tuesday night’s runs we’re amazingly boring, but necessary to hit my 30 miles per week target. Clocks go forward in just over 2 weeks, yey!

Next Training
Club night tonight with Purbeck Runners which will either be some kind of intervals/fartlek so or a hideous hill repeat session!

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