Training: Track Session with Poole A.C (400x400x800 x3)

Ah the track session, highlight of my running week even if I do feel ridiculously nervous before it! I always get nervous when I know I’m going to really hurt my lungs. anything over 5k is fine, no nerves, but speed session, hill sessions and Parkruns hurt and they make me nervous!

The Speed Session

The speed session itself was 4800 metres of fast running, split into three sets of 400x400x800. There’s nothing like running with other people to push yourself harder! When I was unable to go to the club speed session last week I tried to replicate my own on a flat road near my house. Even though I tried to push myself, I didn’t get anywhere near to the same intensity as I do on track.

Beginning with a 2k warm up and then stretches, I then did the first two 400′s slowly at around 1:15 and the 800 in 2:37. The middle two 400′s however, I pushed myself to about 80% and ran each of these in 1:05 with a 2 minute recovery between each. I then died in the following 800m, before repeating again for the final set of 400x400x800!

“It’s only working if it’s hurting!”

N.b. as I was warming down on the concrete path around the edge of the track, I really noticed the difference in feel from running on the track. SO much softer on your legs/ankles/hips on track!

Next Training
Club night tonight with Purbeck Runners. I will be something horribly, painfully good for us like hill repeats or fartleks!

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