Training: The Track Session

And my first time running a mile…

Last night’s training was the weekly speed session at my local track. As is now standard it rained, although the weather gods did give me enough time to run a few laps to warm up before the heaven really opened! The warm up is really important for speed work to avoid pulling a muscle as well as just to make the most of the session. There’s no point in wasting the first few training circuits taking it easy! After a long and busy day at work I pretty much fell asleep whilst reading my son his bedtime story at 6pm,so finding myself on a running track an hour later, the warm up gave my mind and body to wake up call it needed!

The Session

400 x 800 x 1 mile followed by 400 x 800 x 1mile again. This was the first time I’ve ever run a mile and I’ve always been interested to see how fast I could run it. After 1200m of warm up, a 400m and and 800m though, my heart was already pounding so I didn’t expect much and did my first mile in 5:55 with my second being 6:15. The 400 metres I generally do in 1:10 and the 800’s in 2:35-40.

In related news, I saw Mo Farah share this photo on Twitter today of his speed work in Kenya! The bottom one is of his Sunday long run – see we all have to do them!

Mo Farah training in Kenya

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