Training: The Long Sunday Run

Although it wasn’t that long… I suppose ‘long’ is a subjective word. To an ultrarunner, long would be 50 miles and my 10 mile Sunday run becomes a relatively short run!

I digress.

One of my aims for this year was to try to do at least one longer run and one speed session each week. The aim was for each long run to last a minimum of 90 minutes as apparently it’s ‘time on feet’ that matters, rather than distance. So a slow 10 miles that takes 90 minutes to run is good for a training run, teaching your body to convert fat in to energy efficiently etc.

However… I get SO bored running by myself that 90 minutes of solo running is not an exciting prospect. So yesterday’s run was 9.8 miles and lasted for 70 minutes. It was a very hilly route – I always try to make my longer run hilly to add an extra dimension to the training and sprint up the hills when I have the energy!

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