Training: Swimming (2000 Metres)

A good session, although one that made me think I should go along to a triathlon club for some swim coaching. I had so many things going around in my mind concerning good swimming technique that I felt exhausted just thinking about it all!

– Position of head in water
– Angle of hands as they hit the water
– Reach out with hands in front of you before pulling back
– Make an ‘s’ shape with the pull
– Bi-lateral breathing
– Kick from the hips with loose ankles
– Rotate as you reach
– Plus I realised that I leave a gap between my ring fingers as I pull which can’t be very efficient!

Not to even mention tumble-turns.

All of the above went round and round my head for 80 lengths, although I think I’ve got the hang of most of them.

Swanage Triathlon. Brrrr!

The Session

By the time I’d driven to the pool, got changed and done a quick 100m warm up, there was 40 minutes until the pool closed. As usually happens, it was quite busy when I got in but by the end it was just me with the pool to myself! It just worked out that dead on kicking out time I reached 80 lengths, which just happens to be exactly 2000m. A couple of the Olympic distance triathlons that I’ve picked out for next year involve 1500 metre swims so I’m liking that I can do 2000 metres with ease. I’m sure it will be a different story in the open water…


Distance: 2000 metres
Time: 40 minutes

Next Training

Purbeck Runners tonight so probably a speed, hill or both combined session!

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2 thoughts on “Training: Swimming (2000 Metres)

  1. Used to have swimming coach when I was Tri-training and I always had a problem with kicking from the hips, I was always doing it fro the knees,…….still do now really!

    I was also taught to have a sight rolling motion with my body as I was swimming as apparently this helps you move through the water more efficiently.

    Still not a good swimmer tho!!!

    Great post & good swimming!

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