Training: Sunday Long(ish) Run

After getting my Parkrun PB on Saturday, my legs were unusually stiff on the Sunday morning – I must have put my all into the Parkrun! It was a nice warm day, around 22 degrees by lunchtime as I kitted up in my running gear but with aching legs I decided to just do an easy 10k. As I headed out of the door and clocked my first mile I remembered that I have a few longer races coming up soon, and with a 10k race this weekend I won’t have done enough longer distances recently.

So after 5k I resolved to do 15k! This took a monumental amount of willpower as with already tired legs, the turning for the extra 5k loop was just before my house. This was a 15km training run that felt like I’d just run a half marathon! Looking at the stats from my watch afterwards, my heart rate was pretty high, maxing out at 207bpm – I’ve definitely noticed that when I feel that specific kind of tiredness when running, my heart rate seems to be high. Where-as my heart rate didn’t go anywhere near as high when I ran my 5k PB the other day…


Distance: 14km
Time: 70mins
Max heart rate: 207bpm
Average heart rate:

Next Training

A self marshalled speed session tonight!

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