Training: Running & Swimming (and Finding the Time)

After the excitement of the Bournemouth Marathon Festival 10k on Saturday, I took a day off running on the Sunday even though I should probably have gone out as I felt fine…

LoopMonday Run

Monday was a hectic day at work and by the time I got home my feet were almost sliding themselves into my running shoes! We’ve now unfortunately hit the dark ages in the UK, with there being only a tiny window of time between getting home and fitting in a run before darkness descends (there are no street lights in my village and plenty of pot-holes).

So on Monday evening I headed out for a quick 5k on a loop of country lanes near my house. It was nice and by the end was more of a moon-lit run!


Distance: 5k

Time: 20:53
Average pace: 4:10/km

Tuesday Swim

Blandford swimming pool

On Tuesdays my wife has her club speed sessions, so as it was dark and a bit cold when she returned I went for a swim. I have a decent pool 10-15 minutes away so it’s fairly easy to be there and back in an hour – plus I love swimming and as we know, swimming is the best kind of cross training for running!

Once in the pool I did a 100m warm up, swimming combinations of breaststroke and crawl at a slow and easy pace. A lot of the sprint triathlons that I aim to do from April 2015 onwards involve a 400m swim, so I then did 400m all out in around 8 minutes. For the rest of the time I combined slower crawl with faster strokes, trying all the time to perfect my bilateral breathing (taking breaths on both sides). I think the lifeguard was deciding whether to laugh at me or jump in and save me as I swallowed so much water when breathing on my right hand side rather than my left! This really puts me off triathlons with an open water swim where the waves and athlete-churned water rise to swallow you.


Distance: 1500 metres
Time 35 minutes inc warm up/down

Next Training

Club night with Purbeck Runners which will probably be some form of hills/speed session over around 9-10k

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