Training: Running 10k Easy (using heart rate zones)

Still feeling a twinge of tightness in my hamstring after yesterday’s all out hill assault in the Lifeboat 5k, so, testing out my Tomtom Runner’s heart rate monitor and zonal training I opted for an ‘easy’ run.

Heart Rate


This was my first time using a heart monitor as I never liked the idea of wearing a strap across my chest and the Tomtom watch reads my pulse directly from the radial artery on my wrist (as I was told by a fellow runner who’s a Dr!)

Unfortunately, I accidentally set the watch to ‘Endure’ which made sense when I saw the below once home. The watch had been telling me to speed up the whole way, which I had dutifully obeyed. So turns out it wasn’t an easy run!


Don’t trust the machines!

Distance: 10k
Time: 43:09
Average pace: 4:30/km
Average heart rate: 128bpm

Next Training
Speed session tomorrow with Poole A.C

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2 thoughts on “Training: Running 10k Easy (using heart rate zones)

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