Training: Relay Race Speed Session

Another week, another speed session! These sessions are what you need though if you’re trying to improve your times at  shorter distances in particular. 5k, 10k and even 10 mile times can be dramatically reduced by introducing weekly speedwork.

Sometimes, doing sessions week in week out you begin to get a little… dare I say it, bored! So it was great to do something different last night that incorporated faster running, but wasn’t just outright circuits.

After 2.5k warm up we stopped in a small, badly lit cul-de-sac called Cauldron Crescent. This had a road that went up hill for 100m and then followed round to the right in an oval shape back to the starting point. We split in to three teams of two and raced around the loop which was approximately 400 metres in total. With a steep hill right at the beginning my legs were DEAD by by the end of the second lap! Always a good sign that you’re working hard… we did four laps here in total.

A short recovery jog later and we were at the next relay start point. This time split in to two groups of three as it was a longer loop of 600 metres and larger teams would allow us a longer recovery time between each loop. We ran several of these before heading off for a 2k warm down.


Distance: 9.3km
Time: 47:26
Max heart rate: 208bpm
Average pace: 5:16/km

Next Training

A very easy 5k this evening to wind down before the Bournemouth Marathon Festival 10k this Saturday.

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