Training: Early Morning 10k & New @Tomtom GPS Watch! #GetsMyHeartRacing

It’s great being married to a runner as we love nothing better than to talk running, go to races and sit there of an evening reading Runner’s World. However, conflicts in our running diaries often mean that one or other of us has to postpone or adapt our plans. Both our speed sessions are with different clubs every Tuesday and we both like to do a long run on a Sunday – but not together as we run different paces.

All this is by way of explaining how I came to be standing on my doorstep, blinking groggily into a newly risen sun at 6am this morning! Luckily, I had some motivation in a newly delivered running watch. More on that in a minute…

The Run

This morning’s run really made me realise how much I enjoy going out early (in the summer at least). The temperature was perfect, the sky to the east was blue but to the west filled with mile high, rolling black clouds threatening to precipitate imminently. I stretched with my palms held flat against the car and headed off on my regular countryside route. This is an undulating 10k along country lanes with a killer hill at the end which I try to sprint up! I was scared absolutely shirtless when, approaching the brow of a particularly quiet hill, a flock of at least 30-40 pheasants and grouse sprung up in surprise. That took my heart rate up into a training zone I didn’t know I had! I chided myself the whole run for not taking my camera, as the light cast by the duel between sun and rain clouds not created a double rainbow, but made everything look like someone put an Instagram filter over everything.

Distance: 10k
Time: 44 minutes

New Watch – TomTom Runner Cardio!

TomTom My Sports screen

TomTom My Sports screen

Part of the reason I even like running is the gear! That’s why I have a whole page here dedicated to Equipment and why I’ve done a lot of research into trainers and then reviewed them. Gear’s important to me and I’ll use anything (legal) that helps me take even a second off my times.

So when TomTom asked me if wanted to test out their new Runner Cardio watch, I jumped at the chance. My Garmin’s unreliable freezing (seconds before races) and charging issues (sometimes ends charging with less battery than when it started) had been bugging me anyway, and I’d been doing a bit of research into training with a heart monitor. The Runner Cardio, as the name suggests comes with an in-built heart rate monitor which for starters looks AWESOME when switched on, as it emits a ghostly green glow:

I took it out for a quick go on my 10k training run earlier but haven’t had a chance to test it properly but first impressions:

TomTom Runner Cardio

TomTom Runner Cardio Heart Monitor


– Looks great!
– Connected very quickly to GPS, whilst I was still inside tying up my shoe laces. With my Garmin I always have to run to the top of the road and pretend to be stretching whilst waiting for it to find a satellite!
– Nice big screen shows you your current pace.
– The fit is very comfortable.
– It’s compatible with both Strava and Runkeeper, so you can upload to both automatically.
– The app is easy to use and connects via bluetooth to the watch to upload runs.


– I’ve gotten used to swiping the touch screen of my Garmin so the lack of a touch screen threw me.
– It doesn’t come with a plug, only a USB cable to connect to a laptop. Who owns a laptop these days?!
– My run that I recorded this morning has completely disappeared. Annoying but probably more to do with me not reading the instruction manual properly than the watch itself!

Full review in a week or two…


Next Training

Club run with Purbeck Runners tomorrow night, I’ve just checked in the club forum and it’s one kilometre repeats – nice!


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