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Training Diary: Track Session

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Rob Murray

Rob is a self confessed running geek, obsessed with all things related to the sport, whether road, track or triathlon.
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Oh how I love a good track session! That feeling of the red track beneath your feet, a 1.22 metre wide lane urging you forwards, the soles of the guy in front’s shoes flicking up and down in a steady rhythm and the footsteps of the runner behind trying to overtake (in my mind).

Nothing like it. It’s the closest I can get to replicating the effort levels of a race, with the group running activating some kind of primal, fight or flight mode in my brain. Which is why by 8:30pm last night I was bent over double, clutching my knees and gasping for breath having just run a final 400 metres in 58 seconds!

The Track Session

400 x 800 x 1200 x 1200 x 1200 x 400 x 400 = 5,600 metres

First of all, with it being a very cold evening and me being the first to arrive, I set off on a 4 lap (1.6k) warm up and included a variety of dynamic stretches (heel flicks, knee raises, side shuffles and jumps) and some Achilles and calf stretches as wearing my racing flats.

Then it was the session, with the aim of running a steady pace throughout regardless of the distance of each set. I ran the first 400 in approx 1:15, the 800s in 2:30 and the 1200s in 4:10-15 – so fairly consistent! Fortunately there was a nice guy there who was pushing the pace just faster than I was comfortable with.

I can’t go near a track without doing at least one lap as fast as I can, so the final 400 was a 58 seconder which was a little disappointing – I was hoping for 56 secs – but *insert excuse here* my legs were still feeling Sunday’s duathlon, plus the 17 laps I’d done prior to that last 400!


Distance: 8.5k inc warm up and down
Time (running): 36 minutes
Average pace: 4:02 m/km

Author: Rob Murray

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