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Training Diary: Track Session (3 x 400/800/800 + Final 57 sec 400m)

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Last night saw me hop out of the door, naively wearing just my shorts and t-shirt. It’s spring! I thought. The clocks have gone forward! It’s light outside at 7pm! Well it was freezing and blowing a gale, so I ran straight back inside and put my winter clothes on!

The Session

Some people hate the monotony of the running track, but I love the specificness of it. You know exactly what you’re doing for the session and during each rep, you know exactly how far you have left to go and can tweak effort accordingly.

This session was a total of 7.4k broken down as:

Warm up – 1k

400, 800, 800
400, 800, 800
400, 800, 800

600m warm down

The rest period diminished throughout the session from about 2:30 mins to 1 min, so by the time it got to lining up for the final 400 I’d barely had a chance to recover from the previous 800, but still managed to do it in 57 secs. This was bad of me though and not how speed sessions should be conducted! I should have put an equal amount of effort into every rep, rather than holding back so that I could do a fast final 400! The low amount of time to rest and recover between each rep helps your muscles to improve lactic acid resistance and removal – important if you want to run at faster speeds over long distances…

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