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Training Diary: Tough Track Session (400m / 10 x 500m / 400m)

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

Rob is a self confessed running geek, obsessed with all things related to the sport, whether road, track or triathlon.
Rob Murray
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What with one thing and another, it had been a while since I’d done a track session so I was looking forward to the chance to stretch my legs at speed. It was a bit blustery but otherwise a good evening for running and a nice surprise to see two familiar faces from my running club in attendance. Shock horror though, I realised I’d forgotten my running watch! A massive setback for a running geek like me!

I arrived a little later than usual so only managed a 400 metre warm up lap… perhaps this was why my legs began to feel like lead, or was this a consequence of the tempo run I’d done the night before?

The Session

We ran an easily paced 400 metres to begin the night in about 1:20. Then walking 100 metres down the track we began the first of ten, 500 metre repeats. Each one was run at a pace of 1:40/42 which isn’t excruciatingly difficult on its own but the rest period was so short (1:30?) that each lap took its toll. It began to feel like the hardest track session I’d ever done! Were we all running at a fast pace? Was that why it felt so hard? Managed to do the final 500 and 400 at slightly faster pace than the previous efforts but they still felt hard.

Ashdown athletics track. taken at the end of last night’s session

Whatever the reasons for it feeling tough, it was a very satisfying session. I would rather a gruelling, legs-like-lead, can barely move afterwards session, than have the feeling that I hadn’t pushed myself hard enough.

Purbeck Runner tonight, which will inevitably involve some hills!

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