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Training Diary: Tough Tempo ‘Super 6′ Run

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As I walked through the front door on Wednesday, wincing at every step after the previous evening’s track session, I contemplated not going to running club and just heading out for a gentle jog instead. Not to worry though, I thought, I’ll go but just take it easy…

Hum-de-dum, step out of car, jog over to the club meeting point and hear mention of ‘Super 6′ but don’t give it too much thought. Still wincing with each step, I start to follow Coach Ross with the other members of our group and realise… hang on a minute, we’re setting off quite fast..! Ouch, ouch, ouch!

The Session

Go! Turns out Super 6 means a six mile tempo run at an average of approx 7 minute miles, starting slowly and getting gradually faster. Not usually a problem, I’ve run 10k races a lot faster, but my legs were empty before we even started, after track. This was really a ‘dig your heels in, follow the leader, don’t-stop-moving-otherwise-you-lose-your-rhythm type of run. Put it this way, there wasn’t a lot of chatting going on! I can tell how tried I was and with still a nagging bit of illness in my heart rate which, by the end, had leapt up to 207 bpm.

Felt really tough during the session, but consequently very satisfying afterwards.


Distance: 6 miles
Time: 42:08
Average pace: 7:00 m/mi
Average HR: 163 bpm

Next Training:

An EASY (!!) run of 4 miles this evening to recover from the intensive training of the last couple of evenings!

Author: Rob Murray

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