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Training Diary: The Sunday Long Run – Feeling Good Over 10 Miles

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Rob Murray

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10 Mile Training Run on a Sunday

…and it felt kinda good!

After running within 3 seconds of my 5k PB the day before, I was expecting Sunday’s run to be a gentle recovery pace. In hindsight though, I spent the rest of Saturday after parkrun sat in my daughter’s bedroom building an Ikea wardrobe (5 hours!!) and then Sunday morning building yet more flat pack furniture and taking the resultant cardboard packaging to the tip. All this is by way of saying, that come 4pm on Sunday afternoon I was ready to stretch my legs again!

I headed off cautiously with a slight twinge in my ankle, but this soon went as I relaxed into the run. I had been intending on trying out the new Nike LunarTempo running shoes that I’ve been sent by Nike for review, but figured it was asking for trouble to wear new trainers, on a bad ankle, for 10 miles!

The route I took is a regular 10 miler of mine, and has the benefit of the first 3 miles being more or less downhill to ease you into it! You then have to run back up those hills but at least you’re warmed up by then… The penultimate mile is a long, steep hill that seems to never end while you’re climbing up it, but is great for training.

As I arrived back into the village and close to home, I realised that I’d only run 9.5 miles so, feeling strangely still full of energy, I did a couple of 300 metre sprints before slowing to warm down pace to jog home.

Good for the confidence levels to have a weekend with a 17:59 5k and feel good over 10 miles.


Distance: 10 miles
Time: 1:12:20
Average pace: 7:14/mi


Author: Rob Murray

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