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Training Diary: Super 7 Tempo Club Run

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With a gap in the local racing schedule of around four weeks, our weekly Wednesday evening sessions have been dedicated to replicating race conditions, that is, a bit of a warm up and then a fast run over varying distances. Last night I was also completing testing of the new Nike LunarTempo running shoe – review coming soon!

7 Mile Tempo Run

We set off at a steady pace of eight minute miles for around half a mile, before slowly increasing in pace as we completed the warm up section and headed towards race pace. It’s a curious thing that the pace you would actually run during a race is pretty much unattainable whilst training. Must be psychological.

Anyway, with Coach Ross leading the charge our running group of 5 or 6 stomped through the deserted town centre and promenade, before heading up towards the outskirts of town and back again.

Last week, our club’s fastest runner was with us and forced me to go faster than was comfortable for the final mile. This week, he wasn’t there so I forced myself to speed up to what started as 5:30 minute miles and then fluctuated up to 6 minutes miles for the final couple (there was a strong headwind on the seafront). As I’ve said before, I only feel properly satisfied after a training session if either my legs or my lungs are completely finished – in this case it was my lungs!


Distance: 7 miles
Time: 47:41
Average pace: 6:51 /mi

Author: Rob Murray

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