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Training Diary: parkrun – Running When Ill

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After ten days without running and still slightly feeling the effects of a virus/cough I stupidly set off for Parkrun this morning. Ten days. TEN DAYS! Anyone who runs will know the massive amount of Runner’s Guilt that amasses after such a time not running… So feeling about 85% fit I thought a gentle jog would help ease me back into it.

I forgot that I can’t do an easy parkrun.

After a 2k warm up with a fair bit of coughing/lung clearing, I walked over on autopilot to line up at the front of the 600 parkrunners. Whether psychological or not, even after 200 metres my chest felt tight and things didn’t feel like normal. Push through it I told myself – you’re fine! After 2.5k I was really struggling and started to get overtaken by other runners. By the time I entered the final 500 metre loop I had slowed right down to about half marathon pace, being overtaken left, right and centre! First time I’ve ever regretted doing a parkrun, or any run for that matter! Too soon.

Each km was slower than the last, starting with a 3:38 and finishing with a 4:41 and as my pace decreased my heart rate shot up, hitting 207bpm just after 4km. Not good.


Distance: 5k
Time: 19:43
Average pace: 3:58 m/km

Author: Rob Murray

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