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Training Diary: Double Pyramid Track / Speed Session

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After a post-illness parkrun that I almost gave up on (discovered I was actually still ill!), and a not much better 5k the day after on Sunday, it was with a little apprehension that I headed off for a speed session on the track with Poole A.C.

With my weekly mileage having taken a huge dip over the last two weeks I decided to get to the track early to run a few laps before the other guys turned up… Cue me arriving 25 minutes early and running 12 laps of the 400 metre circuit (4.8k). Then the rest of the group arrived and went for a warm up, so I did another 3 laps with them! So before the session had even begun, I’d run about 6k, albeit at a very easy pace, throwing in a few pacier sections here and there.

I forgot my watch! This was why I did my warmup on the track rather than road, so I could measure how far I’d run.

The Track Session – Pyramids

400 x 400 x 800 x 1200 x 800 x 400 x 800 x 1200 x 400

So, fully warmed up we started the session, which began with an easy 400 to ease us into the evening’s running. This was then followed by a double pyramid of circuits as above. From 400m (1 lap) up to 800, then 1200m (3 laps), back down to 800m and then 400m, up again to 800m and 1200m, with a 400 to finish. In between each set was a much shorter rest period than usual – 1:30 for all the distances. I usually like to run a final 400 in 56ish seconds, or at least under 60 seconds, but whether it was post-illness crapness, shorter recovery times between reps, or the fact that I’d done that extra 6k warm up followed by the repeats, the best I could manage was 62 seconds.

An excellent session though, with legs aching and lungs gasping for air by the end – just how I like it!


Distance: 13k
Time: Time on feet running totalled around 80 minutes.

Author: Rob Murray

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