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Training Diary: Club Run – Tempo / Hills / Tempo

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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After a few weeks of not going to running club, it was nice to be back in sunny but very windy Swanage for an evening session!

As I felt like I was coming down with something I had resolved to take it easy which is easier said than done when you’re as competitive as me!

The Session

We began as always with a slower warmup for the first 0.6 miles. Then, Coach Ross visibly sped up and like duckling following mother duck, we all followed suit. The pace went up to an average of 7:30/m for a solid two miles as we ran the first of two tempo stages.

We then hit the hilly part of Swanage (not that there are many flat parts!) Here we ran the first set of 4x hill repeats, jogged for a few minutes and did the second group of 4x hills and jogged on to the final hill where we ran 4 more. We then went straight in to a higher paced run at an average of 6:00/m for just under 1 mile, a bit of a breather and then the final k in 3:20ish.

A great session with a nice mixture of drills!


Distance: 10k
Time: 54:54
Average pace: 5:24/km

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