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Training Diary: Club Hill Repeats Session AKA The ‘Golden Globe’

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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The Golden Globe session was a favourite last year. Again, like last week’s club run in the Purbeck hills, you would not believe the incredible setting for this run (yes I forgot my camera!) It’s in the midst of a World Heritage coastline and the Great Globe, a huge stone sphere showing a map of the world sits underneath a Victorian castle. All looking out across the English Channel…

The Session

On a lovely warm evening, we began with a 3.2k warm up along Swanage promenade and on up some steep hills to Durlston, a country park that sits on top of the valley hill to the west of Swanage. The geography then slopes sharply down towards the cliffs and sea, but not before passing the castle and globe pictured above.

So it was this sharp decline that we arrived at after the 3.2k to begin ten laps of approximately 300 metres. Half of this circuit ran downhill along a rocky coastpath – the other half up a very steep set of steps (above). After two speed sessions in a row the previous nights, I opted to take this one a little easier but it was still pretty tough – I couldn’t have gone any faster.

Then a nice run back across the fields and back down through the town to finish.


Distance: 10k
Time: 1:01:34

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