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Training Diary – ‘Awesome 8′ Club Tempo Run

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This week so far has involved a 10k race on Sunday, recovery run on Monday, track speed session Tuesday and tempo run with club on Wednesday. Not feeling too bad in my legs considering that apart from the recovery run, all were all done at high levels of effort! Also, this was the last week of winter club running as the clocks go forward this weekend. No more pounding of pavements – we can head for the hills!

The Session

For the last month of club nights, our group has been doing tempo runs of alternating 6 and 7 mile distances on a Wednesday night. This culminated with an 8 mile run last night at an average of 7 minute miles, balanced out by a slower pace during the warm up phase (8:00/mi), increased speed in the main segment (av 7:00/mi) and even faster for the final half mile (5:40-50/mi). A tempo run is a ‘comfortably hard’ run which often increases in pace throughout the session and I find it a valuable component of the training mix alongside speed sessions, hill work and longer runs. ]

As we’ve done them each week, I’ve found that I have improved. The first week I could barely hang on to the back of the group after doing a track session the previous night, however last night it felt pretty comfortable (again, after a speed session). So it’s great to have done them for the last few weeks and no doubt of benefit, but I am looking forward to getting out into the countryside in the summer evenings soon.


Distance: 8 miles + half mile warm down
Time: 55:54
Average pace: 7:01/mi (really annoying that it wasn’t dead on 7!)

Author: Rob Murray

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