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Training Diary: A Spring Evening Run in the Purbeck Hills

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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You spend all winter dreaming about it and then suddenly – BOOM – the clocks go forward and the evenings are light again. This is nice when you’re in a city or town, but when you have the Purbeck hills on your doorstep it completely changes your running training experience. No more grinding out tarmac repeats, pounding pavements or shivering warm ups… until October..!

The Session

Last night’s club run was a bit of a mixture, with a long, off-road uphill section, flat hilltops, country lanes and faster sections back on the road.

We began with a slow jog for around 1 mile. Then, Coach Ross took the dreaded left hand turn, over a stile and on to the bottom of a path that goes up, up… and up. 600 feet of constant climbing to be exact, so steep and so long that by the end of it both my legs and and my lungs were begging for a rest!

At the top of this hill though, we were rewarded with the most amazing views across the Purbeck hills, the sun just winking out on the horizon, Corfe Castle silhouetted against the orange sunset and mist crawling its way up green valleys from the unseen, distant sea. Can’t believe I forgot my camera!

After a short jog along the ridge of Nine Barrow Down, we began the decent to sea level down a treacherously rocky path, eventually turning into paved country lanes.

After the resistance training of the steep uphill, this was now the time to stretch our legs as we sped up towards the finish point, out of breath but satisfied.


Distance: 10k
Time: 50:00
Average pace: 8:05

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