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Training Diary: 7 Miles with 15 Hill Repeats

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Readers in Alaska, or Finland or even Chicago will scoff at the suggestion that last night’s session was cold. The temperature gauge said 2 degrees centigrade but it somehow felt SO COLD! I always where shorts come rain or shine, winter or summer and never usually feel the cold on them, but last night was freezing and they were completely seized up from the word go.

The Session – ‘Shallow Hills’

As it was so cold, we started with a 1.9 mile fairly flat warm up to ease into things. Go straight into hill repeats in that temperature and your leg muscles will very quickly twang! Even by the end of the warm up, my legs still felt stiff and cold so I did a bit of dynamic stretching; heel flicks and knee-raises while jogging.

The warm up ended at the bottom of a hill of moderate incline and just over 100 metres in length. We then proceeded to run up the hill at a fast pace and jog slowly back down – 15 times! The fastest 100 metres I managed was in about 14 seconds, however the average pace of the sprints was approx 5:30m/mile pace. Once this was completed, we then went for a 2.5 mile warm down (where I added in one extra hill sprint!).

Swanage training

Swanage training


Distance: 7 miles
Time: 58:49
Average Pace: 8:25 m/mi

Next Training

A quick 30 minutes this evening and tomorrow morning.

Author: Rob Murray

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