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Training Diary: 6 Mile Tempo Run

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Rob Murray

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We did this 6 mile workout a few weeks ago, but it’s a good one and repeating it helps measure any improvements…

Billed as a ‘Super 6′ training run by Coach Ross at Purbeck Runners, it begins with a warm up training and ends at faster than race pace.

The Session

It was a relatively balmy 9 degrees but we still ran the first 0.7 miles of the session as a slower warm up to avoid injury. Once we hit a certain point though, the pace upped to 7:30 minute miles for a mile along the flat seafront. Between miles 2 and 4 the pace fluctuated as we trooped up a slight incline and back down again.

Up until 4.5 miles I was doing well. You can measure how hard people are working, by how much they’re talking as they run and by 4.5 miles we were mostly pretty silent. I say mostly as Sam, a spritely 15 year old and very talented runner was effortlessly trotting along, chatting away to everyone – one to watch for the future is Sam.

So at 4.5 miles, Sam (who runs a 34 minute 10k) turned to me and said, “come on Rob, let’s go for it!” And sprinted off ahead. Arghhh, I thought! But followed after him as it’s good to push yourself, right? So we ran at about 5:40/mi pace for a while with me keeping up, before I slowly lagged behind further and further, before digging in again for the final half a mile.

I then ran a very slow warm down mile…

An exhausting, and thus extremely satisfying training run!


Distance: 7 miles total
Time: 41:17 for the faster 6.1 miles
Average pace: 6:49/m

Author: Rob Murray

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