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Training Diary: 11k Tempo Run

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It was a fairly small group of us that gathered the starting place for our club run – probably something to do with the temperature! It’s these late-January outings, wearing woolly hats and gloves with breath steaming into the air that make you dream of summer runs on light June evenings!

The Session

Swanage run

Coach Ross began by giving us the option of a speed session or an easy run due to a half marathon race upcoming on Sunday. We agreed by shivering committee to do a combination of easy run, finished by faster intervals.

We jogged at a steady 5m/km pace for 2.5k before hitting the steepest hill in town for a further 1k. WE then ran for another 4k at a nice easy pace, throwing in at least two hill sprints along the way. At this point it was time for three increasingly longer, higher-paced intervals at between 2.5 and 3 m/km pace. The first was 500 metres, the second was 700 metres and the third a full 1000 metres.

All finished off with another gentle jog for 1km to the end.


Distance: 11k
Time: 58 minutes
Average pace: 5:20 m/km

Next Training

Nothing now until the Blackmore Vale Half Marathon on Sunday.

Author: Rob Murray

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