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Training Diary: 11k Including a 4k Rep Speed Session Sandwich

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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After a longish, hilly 11 mile run on Saturday, I’d originally planned on doing just a short run out on Sunday. However, once I got running my legs felt fine and I realised I hadn’t done a speed session for around ten days… So after around 4k at a gentle pace (7:30/m) I reached a flat section of country lane that I’ve used several times before for repeats. It does have the occasional boy racer whizzing along past it, causing me to dive for the bushes, but otherwise, it’s quiet, straight and fairly flat. You don’t often get ‘flat’ in our area!

The setting for my 6x 500m (or 3x1k) repeats!

The setting for my 4x 1k repeats!

The Speed Session

Not much to tell really! After the 4k warm up I stopped at the start of the flat section for 2 minutes to get my breath back. Then, I sprinted of at 3:50/k pace for 500 metres to the end of the lane, immediately turning and running back the way I’d come for another 500 metres. I did this four times, with approximately 1:30 rest period in between – just until my breathing had returned to nearly normal.

Once this was finished I did feel the previous day’s 11 miles in my legs and by the final kilometre I was spent! But that’s when you know it’s been a good workout…

Annoyingly the run didn’t go through to Strava for some reason, so I can’t share the link.


Distance: 11k
Time: 47:59

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