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Training Diary: 10k Around Außenalster Lake in Hamburg

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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On Wednesday I found myself in the fine city of Hamburg, Germany – a place with a secret. A secret so great that if word got out, thousands would descend upon the city in a blaze of running shoes and sweatbands.

Sorry, the word’s out.

In Hamburg, there lies a lake called Außenalster that is approximately 4.5 miles in circumference. The lake on this occasion was gleaming under a blue sky. At 7am it was busy and unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo about only running around it in a clockwise direction! There were a lot of runners, all going the opposite direction to me, however due to my local Poole parkrun, I can only run around a lake anti-clockwise. This wasn’t too much of a problem though, as all the way round the lake runs a gravel path with only the slightest of occasional hills.

Hamburg in the summer

Hamburg in the summer

So there’s a purpose built track for walking/running, it’s flat and the views are fantastic, what else could you want? Well, on a day that eventually hit 30 degrees – water. The route also has drinking fountains place at regular points – perfect!

I originally set out to do an easy 4 miles however I felt so good running along this flat, drink lined course that I carried on to run the full circumference, at which point I got lost. Fortunately I had my phone with me, so pulled out the trusty Google Maps app. However, it still took me a couple of minutes of looking like a complete tourist, fumbling with sweat drenched fingers, to locate my hotel. By this time my heart rate had slowed and my body clearly thought the run was over. From then on, it felt tough and having to stop every 5 minutes to check where I was didn’t help.

Looking forward to my next city run!


Distance: 10.4k
Time: 45:48
Average pace: 4:23/k

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