Training: An Evening 10 Miler

It rained and rained all day on Sunday as I put off my long run with each passing hour of precipitation. “I’ll go when my breakfast has gone down… I’ll go after lunch… I go when it stops raining… I’ll go – Ah the rain’s stopped.” Even then I was thinking to myself, “I’ll just do a short 5k today and my long one tomorrow.”

The Run

So I shot out into the evening sun on what I initially intended on being a quick out-and-back 5k. When I reached the turning point at 2.5k, I felt good so carried on to 5k. I still felt good so turned down a road I’d never run down to add on a bit of mileage. This took me on a very hilly loop back round to my village. I can’t stress the words VERY HILLY enough. There were a lot of hills. Bearing in mind I’d started out at six minute miles planning on a short jog, this was a good workout. You know it’s been a good training run when you can’t get your legs to move any faster when home is in sight! 10 miles in 75 minutes – bearing in mind the hills I was quite happy with this (my 10 mile PB is 66 mins).

Upping The Mileage

The training is on now for June 1st’s 10k. This was a race that I did two years ago in 50 minutes in 30 degrees c heat – fingers crossed for cooler weather this time! With the lighter evenings it’s now easier to up my mileage to 35ish miles per week. 10 miles done on Sunday, 7 tonight incorporating a speed session, 6 on Wed, 6 on Thurs and i’ll try and fit in a quick morning 3 miles on Friday. On Sunday there is the Southbourne Fast and Flat 10k race. sometimes I think a 10k in race conditions does a lot more for your fitness than a gentle jog for twice the distance…

Next Training

Tonight, 6 miles + 20 x 200m repeats.

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