Training: A Tempo 5k

After a my 9 mile run in Hamburg on Wednesday morning and subsequent travelling back to the UK, I was feeling surprisingly full of energy yesterday (Thurs) evening upon returning home from work. So, like a scene from Superman I ran in to the house and in a blur of motion changed in to my running gear and running back out of the door 2 miniutes later  (Running Man? Super Runner?!)

I  had 30 mins to run which, adjusted for stretching and warm down time left the perfect amount of time for a fast 5k.

The route I took is my preferred one for a 5k as it includes a long steep hill between 3-4k, perfect for building leg strength and aerobic improvement. For the first 1k I took it easy and then alternated fast for 400m, slow for 100m for 2km before hitting ‘The Hill’. I was breathing so loud at the top of the hill, gulping down breaths of air that I’m surprised people didn’t come running out of their houses to see what all the noise was about. It hurt my chest, but I don’t feel satisfied with a training session if there isn’t a little amount of pain involved! Total time was 20:45 which is over 2 minutes slower than my 5k PB but considering the large hill is a time I am happy with. This time last year my best for this training route was 21:30 so keeping up my year on year improvement!

Hill into Lytchett

THE hill at end of 5k

Next Training:

Out for a meal with friends tonight so will be a Parkrun tomorrow morning!

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