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After a rest day yesterday I went at it hard at Parkrun Poole today. Too hard. I arrived late and had just enough time to sprint from the car to the start line before the race started! Cardio was well off from the start so I wasn’t in the least bit surprised to discover that my time was 19:09, 23 secs off my PB set two weeks ago : ( A lovely run however, bathed in rare January sunshine and a record attendance of 601 people!

Photo courtesy of Mike King (Poole Parkrun Facebook page)

Today’s Parkrun proved the point I’ve made in previous posts; it’s all about confidence. I went in to Parkrun today thinking a) I didn’t do much running over Christmas and b) I had three consecutive days of hard training this week. The power of negative vs positive thought.

Tomorrow’s training:

Sunday so a long easy run of between 10-12 miles

Rob Murray

Rob Murray

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