Training: A Fast 5k and Newton MV3 Sizing Issues!

Tuesday arrived and with it the promise of a new pair of racing flats (more on those later) and an evening speed session on the track. Rushing in the door from work, whilst my wife rushed out the door to go to her running club I spotted a package with my name on!

New Shoes (Upset Number 1)

Taking out my gleaming new Newton MV3’s from the box, I brimmed with excitement as I felt their weight. So, so light and very minimal upper. I was advised by Newton to order a full size up from my usual 9, to a 10 which I duely did… And regretted. Slipping the Newtons on they instantly felt too big. Optimistically, I laced up the second shoe and mock-jogged and the house but there was definite slippage and so much space at the toe end, the show pinched my big toe with every take off. There was a good 2cm/half inch gap at the end of the trainer so reluctantly I put them back in the box to return them for a size 9. Width wise they felt perfect so I am slightly wary of how the 9s will feel here – watch this space!

Upset Number 2

The second disappointment of the day was rushing off to the track session and doing several warm up laps, before looking up and realising there wasn’t the usual smattering of people warming up. Realising it must have been cancelled I drove back home and headed out for a fast and furious 5k by myself! I’d just borrowed my dad’s Garmin heart monitor so my aim was to push to the limit and see what my maximum heart rate was.

I did 5k in 21 minutes (very hilly) and definitely got my heart rate to the max!

Next Training
10k this evening if I can fit it in!

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