Training: 10k With 3 Long Hill Repeats

One thing I could not believe, was how much my legs hurt this morning after yesterday’s father’s race! Absolute agony! Teach me to go from zero to full on sprint with no warm up, but you can’t warm up for a father’s race…can you?!

Legs still aching when I went off to club night tonight, but sometimes a good run sorts these things out. Until I saw the hill we were set to do repeats up! 3x repeats up a 400 metre, 45 degree hill with a 3 minute jog back down between each. Topped and tailed with a warm up and warm down each side to make 10k total in 60 minutes.

Can’t beat the view:



Next Training
Upton Summer Time Trial (3.5 miles) on Friday, followed by Portland 10 mile on Sunday

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