Training: 10.5 Mile Run + Training Schedule for This Week’s 40 Miles

As you know, I’m currently aiming to run 40 miles per week starting from last week. Well this is proving harder than I thought! I took a day off following a 10k race last Sunday and then did 3 miles Tues, 7 miles Wed and 4 miles Thurs, before being wiped out by food poisoning on Friday and Saturday! So no running for me on those two days, meaning that out of an intended 37 miles last week, I ran just 20. TWENTY! That’s half of my target, so this week I mean business. Except today as my ankle still hurts from yesterday’s 10.5 miles…really need some new trainers.

Sunday Long Run

So yes, yesterday after having food poisoning 24 hours before, I courageously/stupidly laced up and went out for a 10.5 mile run. I’d intended it to be 13 miles, to compensate for the missed miles on Fri and Sat but stupidly didn’t eat anything before going out just before lunchtime. This, coupled with the fact that I’d been quite sick the previous day, meant that by 10 miles I was absolutely starving and feeling quite light-headed – so headed back home instead of the extra 3 mile loop I’d had planned.

Still, happy with myself for doing the 10.5 miles, although it did take me 70 minutes!

Lytchett training 10 mile run

Lytchett training 10 mile run

Weekly Schedule

Plan for the rest of the week’s running:

Mon – nothing as ankle feeling achy after yesterday’s long run
Tues – 4 miles AM (TEMPO)  + 2k swim PM
Wed – 7 miles (CLUB NIGHT – HILLS or SPEED)
Thurs – 4 miles + 1k min swim PM (EASY)
Fri – 6 miles (MODERATE)
Sat – 6 miles (TEMPO)
Sun – 13 miles (EASY)

Total: 40

We’ll see…

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3 thoughts on “Training: 10.5 Mile Run + Training Schedule for This Week’s 40 Miles

  1. I always think it is hard to make that jump to 40+ miles if you are a working full-time & going home to a family as well. It is possible but the work/run/life balance has to ‘balanaced’ very carefully. No-one wants an irate missus or boss. God knows how some people manage 60 mile weeks with a full time job!!!

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