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This Week’s Training: Speed, Hills and an Easy Run

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Rob Murray

Rob is a self confessed running geek, obsessed with all things related to the sport, whether road, track or triathlon.
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On Saturday I went for what I intended on being a tempo 10k, however my legs felt so sluggish that it turned into a 10k easy jog. Why do I feel so bad? I thought. Well the next day I had a cold, which by Sunday had turned into a cough so I took a couple of days off. Not a great start to the week. On Tuesday however, I had the opportunity to go to a track session, then on Wednesday a hill repeats session and Thursday, an easy recovery run.

Ashdown athletics track in Poole

Ashdown athletics track in Poole

Tuesday Speed Session

Tuesday was a bit blustery but having arrived at the track a little early, I ran a good couple of ks as a warm up. The main session was then a longer distance, double set of 1k followed by 1 mile (so 1k + 1 mile + 1k + mile). On first hearing this I thought “oh no, I want to sprint and go fast!” It was actually really good though – less painful than the shorter stuff (10 x 500m the other week was agony) – but satisfyingly tough.

Managed to do the final mile in 5:22 which isn’t my fastest ever mile, but was nice to get at the end of a speed session!

Wednesday Hill Repeats

Having pushed myself in the previous night’s speed session, my heart sank when Coach Ross announced at club that we would be doing two repeats of the most awful hill I know. A mile long stretch up a rocky, rubble strewn hillside track which seems to go on forever.

We ran a short warm up before reaching the bottom of the track. The hill is particularly tough as it gets progressively steeper but where the track winds up the hill, you can never quite see what’s coming up. By the time I reached the top the first time I was absolutely, leg achingly, chest graspingly shattered! Our recovery was the jog back down the track before reaching the bottom, turning around and running right back up again! 600 ft of climbing in total.

Once we reached the bottom for the second time, we ran a couple of miles easy to the end.

Thursday Easy Recovery

If my legs had a face, they would have looked at me questioningly on Thursday evening as, at 8:55pm I pulled my trainers on ready to run. I could feel the last couple of night’s efforts and so resolved to run at a nice easy recovery pace. Originally intending to go out for just a 5k, the evening was warm, the twilight shade relaxing and the silence restful, so I kept going for 5 miles. It was really nice!

With a 5k race on Sunday I’m unsure whether to rest or to go for a run this evening, or do parkrun on Saturday morning? Running dilemmas!

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