Running Training – The Sunday Long Run

What a Sunday run! I accidentally ran the furthest I’ve ever run in my life… 14 miles. With the Blackmore Vale Half Marathon upcoming on February 2nd I knew I needed to get some long runs in. Man cannot run half marathons on Parkrun alone! There’s also an element of competition in the family. My dad (60) and I are vying to be the first to run sub 18 5k’s. My wife is training to run the London Marathon in April, so she did 12 miles yesterday…

What a beautiful 14 miles it was though.

Purbeck, Dorset

14 mile route


Long and hilly, but well worth it.

I passed this on the way, which intrigued me:

Then ran down to Worth Matravers, home of the world famous Square & Compass pub:

Worth Matravers

Worth Matravers

And then back up to a tiny hamlet called Kingston, it’s spire reaching up through the rolling hills, giving me this view:

Corfe Castle from Kingston

Corfe Castle

I ran down in the the village of Corfe Castle, underneath the crumbling ruins themselves, before twisting right and upwards to the top of Nine Barrow Down:

Looking back at Corfe Castle from Nine Barrow Down

Before finally descending back  in to Swanage and back to my parents house for a nice lunch.


Felt fine and even felt as though I could have gone on for another 3-4 miles. BUT, I did not drink or eat anything whilst running, the very moment I stopped at 14 miles, the dazzles of a migraine appeared, leading to me being bed bound for the next 3 hours. Lesson learned, hydration and energy intake crucial! I even had a gel pack in my pocket, but was feeling so good, I didn’t want to waste it!

Next Training

Day off today after yesterday’s 14 miler and then track/speed session tomorrow with Poole A.C.

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