Running Training: Speed Session

My favourite kind of running training – the Speed Session! Well, usually it is but this one was flippin hard work! Led by our coach Ross at Purbeck Runners, we headed off in to the quickly diminishing light of a September evening for a easy paced warm up for two kilometres. We stopped at the edge of an open stretch of grass called Day’s Park and out of his bag, Ross produced cones and batons…

Day’s Park, Swanage

The Speed Session

Shuttle Drills

Eight cone shuttle drill. Eight cones laid out in a line, close to far, with another set running parallel three metres away. Run to first cone, touch the ground, run back. Run to second cone, touch the ground, run back… etc etc. By the eighth and furthest away cone it got quite tiring and we repeated this three times.


The park is 0.5 km in circumference and we had to run this first at 80%, then at 10k pace and finally 5k or 100% pace. That’s 3x 500m with a one minute rest between each – by now my lungs were beginning to beg for a bit more air.


Split into groups and did repeats of 300 metre relays (with batons and everything!), I somehow drew the short straw and ended up having to run twice on the final race – now my lungs were really on fire!

Warm Down

Always important after a hard speed session, I knew I must have worked hard as my legs were shaking from effort and even the 1k warm down run was hard work!

I’ve a feeling I’ve left something out as there was a point where I stopped my watch and then forgot to start it again… but you get the gist!

Circuit route (outer) and relays (middle) at Day’s Park, Swanage


Distance: 5.5k (approx)
Time: 30 minutes whole sessions inc rest periods.
Max heart rate: 195bpm

Next Training

Going to practice ‘brick’ training tonight for triathlon, that is, riding my bike and jumping straight off into a run to try and get used to the wobbly legs you get after bike riding! Not sure it’ll make much difference three days before but good practice!


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