Running Training: Speed Session on the Track (7x800m)

My favourite type of running training – speed work on the track!

This is held at Ashdown Leisure Centre and this week, there were a lot of us so we split into two ability based groups. We started with a warm up of 3x400m, increasing the pace slowly with each lap and I followed this with some Achilles stretches and ankle rolls.

And we were off! Seven sets of 800m sounds fairly daunting at the start, so everyone took it slowly on the first set. We began with a 2 minute rest between sets, knocking off ten seconds each time so at the end of the sixth 800, we had 60 seconds to recover. Ouch!

It’s all here in detail

In summary:
Total distance (inc warm up/down): 8.3k
Time: 30:06
Av HR: 159bpm
Max HR: 209

You can see how today’s heart rate zones in a speed session (below), differ to the easier run I did yesterday (see here).


Next Training
3.5 mile race on Fri, followed by 5k off-road race on Saturday.

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