Running Training: Hill Repeats (Resistance Work)

I think I got wetter last night doing our rain soaked hills session in Swanage, than I did whilst swimming the night before! Kind of nice though training in the summer rain, once you’ve warmed up…

Hill training is excellent for building cardiovascular fitness. You can really feel it in your chest at the end of the session, gulping down great desperate breaths to try and feed enough oxygen to dilapidated leg muscles. It’s a form of resistance training, pushing muscles harder to overcome gravity. In fact:

“Runners who train on hills have much higher concentrations of aerobic enzymes – the chemicals which allow your muscles to function at high intensity for long periods without fatigue” Runners World

Hill Session

I stupidly forgot to hit ‘start’ on my watch so the distances will have to be approximate. The session went as follows:

– 2k warm up

– 3x 150m sprint uphill, 3x 100m, 3x 75m, 3x 100m, 3x 150m

– 1k warm down

During the middle section of 100m sprints it got a bit competitive and I ended up sprinting all-out at 100% effort, up what is quite steep hill. So by the final set of 150m I was running on dead and empty legs – this was the point at which I felt like my chest was going to burst! I wish i’d had my heart rate monitor on my watch switch on jut to see what it peaked at.


Distance: (Approx) 5k
Time: about 35-40 minutes we were out for

Next Training

A nice easy 10k run tonight as I start to taper down for… THE BEAST Arrrghhh! 13 miles of hell.


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