Real Shoe Review: Ladies / Womans Newton MV3 Racing Flats / Trainers

After my purchase of a pair of mens Newton MV3 racing flats earlier this year, my wife (also a keen runner) saw how they helped improve my times – and wanted in!

Newton MV3 Racing flats

The ladies version of the MV3 is similar in structure and design to the male shoe, with a mesh upper and the forefoot lugs that have made Newton’s name. At 5.2 ounces, this trainer is certainly lightweight and the five lugs underfoot make for an awkward walk to the start line. These shoes really come into to their own when you up your speed and hit a higher cadence, the lugs almost pivoting you forwards with each fall of the foot. The midsole has a metatarsal sensor plate and Newtons ‘Action/Reaction technology in the midfoot. This makes you feel the urge to run fast as you are tipped forward and then flicked into even more forward/upwards motion. YOU CANNOT RUN SLOW IN THESE SHOES!

Newton MV3 ladies in situ

Newton MV3 ladies in situ

The lacing is actually pretty comfy and leads to a snug fit and the sizing – well I’m a size 9 and initially ordered a size 10 on the advice of Newton, however this came in way too big and I ended up sending it back and swapping for a size 9. Jem, my wife, wears a size 6 1/2 in her regular Brooks trainers so this was what she ordered and it fits like a glove!

The zero millimetre heel to toe drop feels strange at first, especially if you’ve been wearing heavily cushioned shoes and with the lugs on the front it almost feels as if the toe end is higher than the heel! For me it took a good few sessions and a few weeks of gradual build up to get used to wearing these zero drop Newtons – my Achilles and calves killed at the start. However this went after a while and it actually strengthened my Achilles which fixed a long term ankle issue I’d had! Jem on the other-hand wore her Newton MV3’s for the first time at Parkrun, which is a 5k race and they felt great from the start for her, with no aches or pains the next day. They do come with some heel inserts to raise the heel slightly and assist the transition to zero drop.

Order them direct from Newton here



Newton Ladies MV3 3

Newton Ladies MV3 3

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