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Race Review: The Wimborne 10 Mile 2014

The Wimborne 10 is a ten mile race held on the outskirts of the town of Wimborne, Dorset. This was one of the first races I did just as I was toying with the idea of getting into running, three years ago back in 2011. I only just managed to finish that race and my memory of it is hazy – only that I had to walk up the final big hill approaching the finish and was in the last 10% of runners. My time from that day seems to have been de-listed from the results but I remember it being around 1:35. Looking back I have no idea how I thought I could run a ten mile race with zero training! So the Wimborne 10 has always been a bit of a benchmark race for me; in 2012 I ran it in 72:13 and then last year I finished in 66:04. One of my aims for this year was to run ten miles in under 65 minutes…

Wimborne 10 – Race Review


The first thing to note was that there were no entries on the day and the race had filled up long before. This was the final race in the Dorset Road Running League (DRRL) so places went fast. My wife and I just managed to get in the day before entries closed! Pre-entry meant that we had our race numbers and information pack sent to us long in advance of the race. This is a good thing as I always get slightly stressed out when I know we have to find race registration etc at a run. We were able to just pin our numbers on at home and rock up at the race ready to go, which lessened my traditional pre-race stressy grump!

Depending on what time you arrive, the parking can be anywhere from a 10 minute walk if you park close-by, or a 25 minute walk from the furthest away race car park. We remembered the closer one filling up fast last year so arrived early to get in there.

Next to the start is a baggage area to store your discarded kit which was easy to find and drop off at.

The Race

This is the only race that I know of that starts with a town crier AND the firing of five muskets?! The loud bang takes me by surprise every time!

Start of the 2013 Wimborne 10

Start of the 2013 Wimborne 10

You start at a place called Pamphill, running the first 500 metres along a tree lined avenue before dropping on to a downhill stretch to reach the one mile marker. The route then takes you along undulating country lanes – never anything too taxing – although there are a few slight but long hills for the tactically minded runner to lose an opponent! The weather was raining at the start and overcast for the race however I still made use of all three water stations – memories of The Beast still linger!

At around halfway you reach the village of Shapwick where a lively folk band usually greets the runners, however they seemed to have been put off by the rain which was a shame as they often provide a bit of a boost!

After the five mile marker it’s largely flat, which allows you to get into a good rhythm. It’s only at nine miles that you have to run up a particularly steep hill but this is short and easier in the knowledge that the finish is literally just around the corner…

The long flat finish with markers every 100 metres is great for those on the verge of getting a personal best. I was fiddling with my watch, trying to see what my time was with 400 metres to go, when a male spectator shouted at me “stop playing with the bloody watch and RUN!” He had a point so I looked up and sprinted!

Frustratingly, I finished ten seconds away from going sub-65 minutes. Of course you start wondering if you could have sprinted faster at the end, gone a bit quicker down the hills, or sped up on the long flat sections but the fact remains that you ran the fastest race you could on the day – if you hadn’t you would have been faster! Hindsight filters out the pain…

Wimborne 10 race route and stats

Wimborne 10 race route and stats

After crossing the finish, there was the most amazing spread of cakes. I nearly spent as long deliberating over which to go for, as I took running the race itself. Another thing to commend to organisers on was the speed of results, emailed out and on the Wimborne 10 website within hours!

Results for the Wimborne 10 2014


Distance: 10 miles
Time: 65:10
Elevation: 224 ft

Average Pace: 6:31
Max heart rate: 209bpm




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