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Race Review: The Egdon Easy 10k

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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The Egdon Easy is a race that I’ve done once before and had a vague recollection of it being a good one. Last time I did it in 2013, I dragged myself over the line in just under 45 minutes, so was hoping for something a bit quicker this year with it being in our club championship.

Parking was really easy even though I arrived with only 15 mins to spare and it was very quick and easy to pick up my number. I’ve said previously that there is a definite difference in atmosphere between races organised by clubs, and those organised by for-profit companies. This race is hosted by Egdon Heath Harriers and was brilliantly organised, with friendly marshals and amazing cakes at the end!

The temperature had begun to make me nervous though. Perhaps it’s my Scottish roots but I’m not very good in the heat, with ‘the heat’ being anything over about 15 degrees C. I know. People reading in LA or Kenya will be thinking that is NOT hot! It’s probably all psychosomatic but I found myself on the start line feeling SO thirsty and then worrying about the heat even more. Just take it easy, I thought. Start slow, build faster…

The Egdon Easy Race

3,2,1 – Go!

Weird competitive instinct took over and I found myself racing to the front and running the first 2k in 7:24, which was never going to be sustainable! This first 2km began at the start line and led through the trails of the eponymous Egdon Heath, before suddenly ejecting you out of the undergrowth into regular urban sprawl.

Egdon Easy

Egdon Easy – the look on my face tells me it must have been towards the end!

The race can be roughly segmented into three parts, the intro 500 metres, a shorter 2km loop and a longer 6.5km loop. It was early on in the second loop, at about 4km that my body made the decision for me and began to slow down. It may have been the heat, the two speed sessions I did this week, starting off too quickly or all three, but my legs (which never usually fail me, it’s always usually my breathing) began to feel like lead. The other runners began to disappear ahead of me and I got caught in no-mans land running by myself.

Just been overtaken by Coggs (Matt)

Just been overtaken by Coggs (Matt)

Egdon Men's Team Trophy

Egdon Men’s Team Trophy

Then, after slowing right down between the 4-7k markers I regained some steam and just in the nick of time too, as club mate Matt came speeding determinately past me (he finished knocking an amazing 1 min off his 10k PB). I just managed to hang on to get my 49 points in 38:43, 50 seconds behind my (62 year old) dad and just 10 short seconds in front of Matt!

Great race and we managed to win first men’s team so picked up an unexpected trophy too!


Distance: 10k
Time: 38:43

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Author: Rob Murray

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