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Race Review: Maiden Castle Loop 10k (or 6.3 miles)

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Rob Murray

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Location and facility-wise the race has an excellent HQ at a sports centre with parking, registration and the walk to the start line easy and straight forward. It helped that the evening was flecked with the shimmering light of summer sun.

Whilst warming up near the start line I asked someone what the route was like as I’d never done this race before. They pointed towards a track in the distance that climbed higher and higher towards the mounds of Maiden Castle, an Iron Age hill fort. Ohhh…dear.

The Race

The race starts on the western edge of Dorchester where suburbia gives way to country lanes and trails.

After a nice easy start on grassy paths and flatish lanes, the route quickly gets tough. After one mile we left the road and headed up a rough track towards the lowest ring of of Maiden Castle. We skirted past this and back down a hill to rejoin a different lane until 2.7 miles. At this point a friendly marshal had the unenviable task of directing runners towards the foot of a horribly steep hill – 100ft up in 0.1 of a mile.

Then it was round the rings of the ‘castle’, up and down and round and round, before being spat out back on to the lanes and towards the finish. With it being flat I managed to get up to an average of 6:00/miles for the last mile, with the ever improving Coggs from  my club hot on my heels!


Distance: 6.3 miles
Time: 44:10

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Author: Rob Murray

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