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Race Review: Fordingbridge 10k

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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Fordingbridge 10k Race Review

Not a race that I’d ever done before but with a gap in the official race calendar, I decided to go along with dad so we could stretch our legs. Plus, the website said trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd male plus a Veterans trophy for over 50s. With the London Marathon and four other local races all happening on the same day, there was a chance that the field of runners would be a bit thinner a so perhaps a 3rd place spot..?

Location-wise, Fordingbridge is a small town just on the upper edge of the New Forest. We found the parking easily enough and registered very quickly – £10 for entry on the day – not bad. The race is arranged by the local fire brigade and proceeds go to help their cause.

The Race

Although I recognised a few faces at the start line, there was no-one that I knew was definitely faster than me, so I positioned myself at the front ready to go. On the whistle a couple of club runners zoomed off ahead but I knew one of them from other races and was certain they wouldn’t keep it up. They didn’t, so after 1k I overtook them and found myself up front with two other guys. As nothing important hinged on the outcome of the race, I experimented and decided to see how long I could keep up with the race leader… About 5k as it turned out!

The Fordingbridge 10k start

The Fordingbridge 10k start

The one thing they hadn’t put on the website in advance was the course profile. If they had, I’d have known how hilly it was and perhaps not tried my little experiment! I lasted a few hills keeping up with the eventual winner, but upon hitting yet another hill at around 5k I decided to back off a little. I wasn’t tired but I didn’t like the look of all the upcoming hills!

Still in third place, at around 7km I heard my dad coming up behind me. He’s a good hill climber and I knew that in slowing down on the uphill sections he’d catch me up! We ran along together to 8km where I went past him (he says he let me)! I completely misjudged how far was left and sprinted away from him, only to realise that there was still 2km to go.

So, wheezing and gasping for breath I eventually crossed the finish line in 3rd place in 37:32, with dad coming in just after me – both left with trophies which was nice!

Results not out yet – to follow…


Distance: 10k
Time: 37:32


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Author: Rob Murray

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