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Race Review: Ferndown 10k

Rob Murray
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Rob Murray

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The Castleman trailway was a large segment of the run

The Castleman trailway was a large segment of the run

After 10 days of illness and a bad chest, Saturday offered the opportunity to get back to racing and, I hoped, flush whatever it was out of my system with a good run.

Most other runners I know in the area were taking part in a league race organised by Purbeck Runners on the Friday night which I was unable to do. So this race on the Saturday morning was perfectly timed for me although low number of entrants was due to the previous night’s race and the fact that the free, timed parkrun happens on Saturday mornings!

The start and finish of the Ferndown 10k was on the edge of a forest. Although still not feeling 100%, I was looking forward to a nice run amongst the trees – a top 10 finish if I could, but really just a chance to stretch my legs.

Still in 2nd place… gave up soon after this pic. Terrible running form!

Ferndown 10k – The Race

Around 50 competitors lined up at the start and after short countdown, we were off!

I’d seen the guy who raced ahead at the front at races before, so could tell that he was going to win by a mile. After a bit of jostling I got in a group of 4 runners behind the leader as we crossed over a road bridge and entered a different section of the forest via a crossroad. A crossroad with no marshal and a near invisible, ambiguously directed sign. The leader, us and a few behind us carried straight on as the track slowly became a small path, which slowly turned into a rabbit track… Which was when we realised we’d gone the wrong way. Standing in the deep dark wood we stopped and said “do we go back, or do we carry on? Just at the moment we saw the distant figure of a runner going at a reasonable speed that indicated a proper path. The lead runner immediately sprinted off, seemingly even faster than he’d been going before, and we followed behind…

Back out on the path I found myself in what I thought was 2nd place and so carried on at about 6:30/miles with thoughts of 2nd place in my mind. Until I noticed that there were lots of runners ahead of me now… I learned afterwards that whereas we’d run an extra half a kilometre, another group of runner had gone a different wrong way and so only run 8k. so I was actually in about 32nd place! Then my chest began to hurt, a remnant of the virus I’d had and a coughing fit ensued. At this point, with about 4k left to run I decided to completely take my foot off the gas and dropped right down to 7:30/miles.

It was a fun run and it was for charity but I think races should still be correctly marshalled/sign posted as it’s really frustrating to put all your efforts into the first half of a race, only to realise it doesn’t really matter.

I think next year I’ll make sure I get into the much better organised Purbeck 10k.


Distance: 10.5k
Time 46:00

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Author: Rob Murray

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