Race: Parkrun (a PB!)

I’m never quite sure whether to place Parkrun into the ‘race’ category, as it’s not really a race, there’s no prize for coming first and no judgement on the last.

In fact the great thing about Parkrun is that its meaning is entirely subjective. To those balanced over the start line, fingers on Garmins, it’s a race. To some it’s a way of losing weight or getting fit. Others attend purely for the social side, to see the same people each week and have a chat before during and after. Running in general is a funny thing as you’re all running together, feeling the communal spirit of any large gathering, but at the same time, every single person is running with their own individual goal in mind.

Remember, if you run… You’re a runner.

All that said, I’m extremely competitive and can’t run a bath without wanting to win, so any time I slip my running shoes on – it’s a race! I was therefore very happy to get a PB in this morning’s Poole Parkrun in 18:20. Perfect conditions (if a little windy), and I really felt like I had more left in the tank at the end so sprinted the last 50 metres!

Next Training
Got to run at least 10 miles tomorrow in preparation for the Portland 10 next Sunday

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6 thoughts on “Race: Parkrun (a PB!)

  1. As someone who spent Saturday morning racing myself round a parkrun course, for me it definitely is a race. Just not one against the other runners. Like you say, the great thing about parkrun is that it can be all sorts of things for different people.

    Well done on the PB.

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