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Parkrun on a cold and frosty morning

Parkrun on a cold and frosty morning (Image: Matty Lay)

Back in January this year I set myself a number of targets to train towards as a way of improving my running. One of these aims was to run a sub 18:00 5k – at the time I had just run under 19 minutes for the first time. Cue hours of research by me on 5k training plans and other ways of working towards that goal of getting under 18 minutes… In the end, I realised that circumstances (family/kids/life)  wouldn’t allow me to adhere to a strict training regime and I didn’t have the time to up my mileage by too much.

In the end I just resolved to do the following:

– Run as many races as I could.
– Every time I went out training, push myself as hard as I could.
– Get some racing flats.

So I got some new racing flats (my beloved Newton MV3’s), ran more Championship and league races than anyone else in my club and made sure that by the end of (almost) every training run, I felt satisfied that I’d put my all into it.

Looking at forums and the like before attempting a sub-18 5k, there was talk of needing to run 40+ miles a week and people who ran 6 or 7 times a week. Well I’m proof that quality over quantity can work, as for most of the year I ran three, occasionally 4 times a week – equating to approx 20 miles. So not that much really, just the consistency of doing regular training, with a few long runs and speed sessions thrown in.


Parkrun Poole

Parkrun Poole (Image: Matty Lay)

Saturday was glorious day for running! 6 degrees, bright blue sky and not a breath of wind. The route was slightly altered to make way for Father Christmas’s grotto at the usual start/finish. It was a pacer event, where certain runners where bibs to show the time they will finish in. If you’re aiming for that time, then you follow them! I was hoping to follow the 17 minute pacer but unfortunately there wasn’t one, so I stuck with the 18 minute guy.

The 18 minute Parkrun pacer with Doc and Nick in hot pursuit!

The 18 minute Parkrun pacer with Doc and Nick in hot pursuit! (Image: Matty Lay)

He led a steady pace but with about 2k to go I felt like I was going a bit too slow so over took him. In hindsight I should have done this earlier as when I crossed the finish in 17:56 I really felt as if I could have gone a bit faster. But OVER THE MOON to have got sub 18!

Next up sub 17:00 ; )


Distance: 5k
Time: 17:56

Parkrun Poole

Parkrun Poole

Next Training:

Nothing tonight as going out for a meal. Will try and get in 5 miles tomorrow morning before work!

Rob Murray

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  • http://thesuffolkstrider.wordpress.com thesuffolkstrider

    Congratulations on achieving your target. It’s a great feeling isn’t it. Seems i have a bit of catching up to do to get that Sub-18.

    • Rob

      Thanks! It’s a good feeling that lasts for about 2 minute before I resolve to go faster!

  • http://www.tellmeaboutrunning.com ignace_s

    Nice! I hope to get there some day…

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