Race 2014: The Littledown 5 Mile Run

The Littledown 5 is a five mile road race in Bournemouth that begins at a leisure complex (The Littledown Centre) and takes place mainly along urban streets. This was one of only two races in the annual Dorset Road Running League (DRRL) that I’ve never done, the other being the North Dorset Village Marathon. I’ve got so used to knowing the routes of every race, having done them multiple times before, that it was quite a change to have no idea where I was heading! The pro of this was that it kept the race interesting however the down side was that although there were, of course, mile markers and my watch, I held back slightly until the finish was in sight.

The Race

This is the route:

Littledown 5 route

Littledown 5 route

As you can see, it’s very winding and crosses lots of roads and junctions although there were plenty of marshals en route to control the traffic and help shepherd us runners in the right direction!

The race starts at a place which immediately turns into a narrow pathway, funnelling everyone together and resulting in a lot of ‘ouch, that’s my foot’ and (accidental) elbowing! After around half a mile, the route then climbs steadily for a couple of miles. This caught me off guard as I tried to maintain pace up the hills and paid for it with a slow third mile. By mile four the route is mainly downhill, before opening up with 400 metres to go on to a park, with the finish line in the distance – a nice sprint finish! I like the fact that there was a large digital timer over the finish line and their was a medal, plenty of water and chocolate bar in the finishers’ bag.


Distance: 5 miles
Time: 30:29
Average Pace: 6:09/mi
Average heart rate: 149bpm
Max heart rate: 193bpm

Mile splits:

Mile splits

Next Training:

A 30 minute swim today (approx 700 metres) followed by an easy run tonight I I have the energy. Been on the verge of coming down with a cold the last three days but it seems to be holding off, it had better go away for triathlon numero uno on Sunday! May ride to work tomorrow (16 mile round trip) IF I can fix the gears on my NEW(!) bike.

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