Mo Farah’s Typical Weekly Training Schedule

Most of us mere mortals are happy if we get out for a run a few times a week. Some even do the occasional two-runs-a-day thing to really up their fitness, however nothing compares to the mileage that the pro’s like Mo Farah put in.

Below is the typical weekly training schedule for Mo Farah. This involves running up to a maximum of 135 miles per week with no rest days and two sessions every day but Sunday, when he just does an all out 22-27 miles at 5:40 min/mile. This is the life of an elite runner!

Mo farah typical training week


AM: 10-mile recovery run (6:00min/mile pace)
PM: 6-mile recovery run

Mo Farah

Mo Farah


AM: 4-mile warm-up run; 8-12mile tempo run anywhere from 4:40 to 5:00min/mile pace (depending on altitude and terrain); 3-mile cool-down run
NOON: Strength and conditioning session (1 hour)
PM: 6-mile recovery run


AM: 12-mile recovery run, followed by a massage.
PM: 5-mile recovery run


AM: 11-mile recovery run
PM: 5-mile recovery run


AM: 4-mile warm-up jog; 10x200m intervals (with 200m recovery jogs) on grass in 29 seconds each rep; 10x200m hill sprints at equal effort, walk back down to recover; 4-mile cool-down run.
NOON: Strength and conditioning session (1 hour)
PM: 4-miles easy


AM: 11-mile recovery run, massage
PM: 6-mile recovery run


AM: 22-27 miles, no slower than marathon race pace + 1 minute (for Mo, this means 5:40min/mile)

Total: 126-135 miles per week

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2 thoughts on “Mo Farah’s Typical Weekly Training Schedule

  1. Slightly sickening that he is running a 10 mile recovery run at 6:00min/mi. I can barely race that over 10k’s. And at the end of it i’m normally hanging. Such a large jump from a runner,….to an Elite runner

    • If I ran that over 10 miles I would be over the moon and have a five minute PB. But then I don’t run 135 miles a week..!

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