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Last night was the weekly speed session with Poole A.C. at the athletics track in Ashdown, Poole. As is customary these days, it was tipping it down with rain and the wind was up but nothing can dampen (no pun intended) my spirit when on the track – I love it!

We ran 400x800x1200x800x400x800x1200 with roughly 1-2 minute rests in between. I generally up my effort level as the session progresses, so I take the first 400 easy(ish) in 1m 15 and then by the time i’m doing the final 1200 I’m gasping for breath and can’t possibly run any more! No screaming pain in the lungs, no gain… About 1-1.5 minute rests in between.

As you can see, it doesn’t make for a very exciting route map – nothing like my 14 miler through the countryside on Sunday!

The thing I find hardest about these track sessions is remembering what we’re doing, how far we’re running and how much is left to do. I must be very annoying as I spend the whole evening  asking whoever’s running next to me!

Next Training:

Want to try and do 7-8 miles tonight but it will mean finding a new route or extending my Boring Corfe Mullen Winter Route. I also have to fit it in between getting in from work at 6:15pm and my wife going out to netball at 8, whilst also putting the kiddies to bed! But fitting it all in is all part of the fun : )

Rob Murray

Rob Murray

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Rob Murray
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